Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tutorial/Painting Guide: Galen's Wehrmacht- Early & Late War- Part One

So, Some people on the Bolt Action International group over on Facey-Space asked for some photos of my Germans using the Painting guide I posted a couple days ago. Upon examining my figures I realized I had modified the painting guide as I acquired more paints and they didn't quite match. So Here I am painting two new figures I found in my Assorted Mini Box to showcase the colours and style I use.

 Step One: Prime in Black. I use the Army Painter Black Primer

 Step Two: I paint the flesh tone base using Idrian Flesh (P3) and the helmet using Great Coat Grey (P3)
 Step Three: I paint the uniform using German Tckr. II as a base for the Early War (Left), and German Tckr. I for the base of the Late War (Right)
 Step Four: Then I move on to the Field Gear. The only major colour difference between Late War and Early war that I can find is the shovel covers. Early war is Black, and Late war is a sort of Olive Drab.

Here you can see the different shovel cover colours.
 Step Five: Paint all the wood bits the rifle and the shovel handle. I use Umbral Umber (P3) as a base for all wood.
 Step Six: Paint the Gun Metal, and buckles. I prefer Cold Steel (P3), as my go to metal colour because it makes the metal pop on a table.

Step Seven: Hit the miniature with your favorite Wash/Ink solution. I prefer Agrax Earthshade (Citadel) 

Step Eight: Wait for the Wash to dry.

Note: I chose to paint the Webbing after the highlights are finished.


  1. Just found your blog while looking for help on painting WW2 Garmans. Your tutorial makes good reading with lots of short simple steps - thankyou. One question though you mention German Tckr. I & German Tckr. II as a base colours. What is Tckr. as I can't find any reference for this.
    Part 2 mentions Feldgrau for Tckr. I.
    Many thanks.

    1. I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond. But the German Tckr. paints are from Vallejo Panzer Aces sets.

    2. They are also under the regular Vallejo line as German Fieldgrey WWII 70.830