Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tutorial: Let's go Muddin'

So where I live, apparently "mudding" is a thing. I guess it has something to do with driving a truck, dirtbike, or four wheeler through mud. I think. Someone correct me. But let's get real... You're not here to learn about southern pastimes. You want to know how to make mud for your models!


  • Realistic Water or substitute
  • Weathering Pigments

Alright, so usually I do steps for my tutorials, but I didn't really take steps, it was more of a making it up as I go sort of deal. 

So what I did first, was get a container to mix my pigments. I will note that I made the mud for the panther a little to "clay-like". I wanted it to be a bit more dark dirt like, if that makes sense. 

So mix up your pigment till its a solid colour. Next I mixed in some leaf material and static grass. Then pour some realistic water into the cup and mix it up with a stick. You want it to be kind of a batter like consistency. But it really comes down to personal preference. 

Take a really really old shitty brush. You do not want to use a nice brush. This will gum up your brush, faster than sticking a piece of gum in that girl you hated in third grade's hair. Okay, now i slathered it all over the tracks. I was going for a really muddy look. 

 As you can see this turned out a bit more orange than I would have liked, so I took some of my lighter pigment and with a toothbrush, I brushed the pigment to lighten up the mud.

 This was the the result of the lighter pigment over the bright orange.

Hope this helps!