Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Warlord Panhard 178

I am Ian Gabor, the "new" writer for Trench Monkeys. I put new in quotations as this is my first post  despite having been added to the "staff" months ago. I'm going to start with a review of the Warlord Panhard 178.

Much like Warlord's other resin kits the one I recieved was cleanly cast and didn't require much cleanup. The parts count was also low which I personally like and It also came with a crew figure which is always nice.

 I don't know if I didn't clean the resin well enough or what but the actual assembly of the turret was a pain in the ass and I wound up saying f*ck it and discarding the turret.

I replaced the turret from Warlord with a new turret sculpted by Richard Humble who does commission work and I highly recommend him. This particular turret is for the Panhard 178b which was a post war creation and was used in Indochina and the colonies for patrol duty.

I've painted mine up for service in Indochina as that is my preferred conflict to wargame.