Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Painting Guide: Galen's Wehrmacht Waffenfarbe (Corps Colours)

Waffenfarbe translates to " Corps Colour" and is used to distinguish different corps of a military branch.  It is usually displayed on the collar and shoulder boards of the M41 Tunic. Here I will be listing the colours I used to distinguish my troops.

Shoulder Board Colour: Olive Grey
  • Artillery (Red): Evil Sun Scarlett (Citadel)
  • Veterinary (Crimson): Skorne Red (P3)
  • Armour (Pink): Pink Horror (Citadel)
  • Military Police (Orange): Troll Slayer Orange (Citadel)
  • Field Chaplins (Purple): Genestealer Purple (Citadel)*
  • Specialist Service (Wine Red): Khorne Red (Citadel)*
  • Signal Corp (Bright Yellow): Sulferic Yellow (P3)
  • Recon/Cavalry (Golden Yellow): Averland Sunset (Citadel)*
  • Mountain/Light Infantry (Light Green) : Iosan Green (P3)
  • Armoured Infantry (Meadow Green): Wurm Green (P3)
  • Infantry (White): White Scar (Citadel)
  • Transport and Supply (Light Blue): Meridus Blue (P3)*
  • Medical (Blue): Cygnar Blue Base (P3)
  • Engineer (Black): Black
  • Specialist Officer: Russian Tankcrew I
  • Propaganda: Cryx Bane Highlight (P3)

* These colours I have not yet used. They were picked out from the paint swatches at the FLGS.

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