Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Painting Guide: Galen's German Military (1939-1945)

EDIT: Due to people asking for pictures, I have Included some of my models.

This is the painting guide I have developed for my own German Army. Is it completely historically accurate? No. But it's close enough! For those of you that have an issue with non-historical accuracy for miniatures I'd like to direct you to this article on Warlord Games's site.

All paints listed are Vallejo, unless otherwise noted. The base and highlight are divided with "//".


  • Webgear: Black
  • Breadbag: Russian Uniform WWII//Afrika Korp Tankcrew
  • Shovel Cover (Early-Mid): Black// Highlight German Black
  • Shovel Cover (Mid-Late): Russian Uniform WWII// Afrika Korp Tankcrew
  • Gaskmask Tin: Olive Grey// Battledress Green (P3)
  • Canteen Cover (Early): Gun Corps Brown (P3)// Bootstrap Leather (P3)
  • Canteen Cover (Mid-Late): Gun Corps Brown (P3)// Bloodtracker Brown (P3)
  • Mess Tin: Olive Grey// Battledress Green (P3)
  • Ammo Pouches: Black
  • Ammo Pouch (Variant #1): Yellow Green// Traitor Green (P3)
  • Ammo Pouch (Variant #2): Highlight Japan Tkcr.// Highlight Afrika Korps
  • Anklets/Gaiters: Yellow Green// Traitor Green (P3)
  • Anklets/Gaiters (Variant): Khaki// Highlight Ge. II

Wehrmacht Uniform

  • Helmet: Greatcoat Grey (P3)
  • Uniform: German Tkcr. I (Feldgrau)// German Tkcr. II (Feldgrau)
  • Uniform (Variant): German Tkcr. II (Feldgrau)// German Tkcr. 1 (Feldgrau)
  • Trousers (Early-Mid): German Tkcr. II (Feldgrau)// Russian Tankcrew I
  • Greatcoat: Greatcoat Grey (P3)// German Tkcr. II (Feldgrau)
  • Undershirt: Cryx Bane Base Highlight (P3)// German Tckr. Highlight (Feldgrau)

Uniform Note: Mix German Tkcr. II (Feldgrau) w/ Greatcoat Grey or Traitor Green or Umbral Umber  for Late War.

Luftwaffe Uniform
Luftwaffe Ground Forces

  • Uniform: 2 parts Regal Blue/Kantor Blue (Citadel)+ 1 part German Tkcr. II (Feldgrau)// Russian Tankcrew I
  • Belt: Bloodtracker Brown (P3)

Kreigsmarine Uniform:

  • Uniform: Regal Blue/Kantor Blue (Citadel)
Panzer Korps
  • Uniform: Black// Highlight German Black
  • Early War Vehicle Base: Ironhull Grey (P3)
  • Late War Vehicle Base: Rucksack Tan (P3)
  • Painted Metal: Rucksack Tan (P3)
  • Painted Metal (Variant): Traitor Green (P3)
  • Painted Metal (Variant #2): Yellow Olive
  • Painted Metal (Variant #3): Middlestone

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