Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tutorial: Painting a Messerschmitt BF109

Today I will be taking you through how I have painted my Messerschmitt BF109 for Blood Red Skies by Warlord Games. The models don't come painted, and may be a bit daunting for those who haven't painted such small models before. So lets dig in, and get your planes painted and ready to take to the skies.

Step One: Prime in what ever you colour you desire. Black or Grey is probably the best.

Step Two: I did a thin coat of VMC London Grey

Step Three: Apply a heavy black wash

Step Four: I next applied the yellow markings on the nose, wing tips and rudder, common on the BF109. This was done with VMC German C. Orange Ochre. Be sure to be careful around the panel lines

Step Five: The main body of the plane was painted with VMC Blue Grey Pale. Again being careful around the panel lines.

Step Six: I painted the canopy with Reaper True Blue

Step Seven: Apply the stickers that came in the box. Now unfortunately, they are a different colour than we painted the body. So carefully paint around Balkenkreuz with Blue Grey Pale. This won't hold up to close scrutiny but we are more concerned with getting the planes ready for battle.

Step Eight: Using VMC German Grey, paint the canopy lines and the engine intakes.

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