Wednesday, April 11, 2018

First Impressions: Blood Red Skies

So after several eager months, Blood Red Skies by Warlord Games, finally arrived on my doorstep! To start I love the box art, The blood red skies (see what I did there?) with the planes flying in formation is just so awesome; definitely catches the eye.

Squadron of Spitfires
Squadron of BF109s

Now as I opened the Battle of Britain box, I can not confirm or deny that I squealed and cooed over the planes like a little girl seeing a box of kittens. The planes have very good detail and the two i've painted thus far have turned out beautifully. I also really love the positionable flight stands for displaying planes having advantage and disadvantage.

Now one of the few things that I knew about before the game arrived, was the colourful art on the cards (which are used for the planes, pilots, and skills, kinda like X-Wing). The art feels out of place compared to the box art, but its not really a negative. I believe if the card art was similar to the box art it would be difficult to identify the cards. I don't have a picture for the cards, because I'm waiting to sleeve them.

The same is for the chits and the measuring sticks. They are clear and easy to read but don't really fit with the box art.

I love the dice. The 6s are a Spade in the Battle of Britain box, but there are dice sets that have the countries logo on them.

The complete bundle also comes with Pilot minis for the Aces that are also included in The complete bundle. They come with awesome plinth bases. They will need some major cleaning, and I will be sharing my painting process.

All in all I can't wait to get stuck in to this game. I will be back with more about the rules once I get a chance to play it. Also, keep an eye out for some painting tutorials for every faction!

So chocks away, and see you in the Blood Red Skies