Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Reveiw: Dice Bag Lady Shieldmaidens

So I just received a package from the Dicebag Lady. Inside were a set of eight shieldmaidens for my Viking Army! They got here loads faster than I expected, seeing as they were coming from England, or it's because I actually forgot when I ordered them.

I ordered the Shield Maiden Warriors and the Shield Maiden Fighters. The models are in the standard white metal and are very nice sculpts, though the Warriors appear to be a bit more in the exaggerated/cartoonish style, but I don't mind because I like variety in my armies.
They had very minimal mold lines and were very easy to clean up. But knowing me I'll probably find more as I start to paint them. All in all they are very beautiful models, also very beautiful ladies. I look forward to mixing them into the ranks of my Vikings! I'll be posting pictures as soon as they are painted.

I would have to rank them at a 4.5 out of 5. I'm very impressed, and will most defiantly be ordering more models from her.

She has all sorts of models of realistic females! I had stumbled across the site while searching for shield-maidens, and I've been very impressed with her collection of models. If you are sick of female models with unrealistic/revealing armour, definitely take a visit to the Dicebag Lady!

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